Bread van Bakkerij MAMA

Bakkerij MAMA operates in Zwanenburg, a village in between Haarlem and Amsterdam. When you enter the building you can smell the freshly oven-baked bread. All kinds of bread are made using the six combi steam-ovens. The flour used for these breads come from four different mills in the Netherlands. All home grown! Besides that they only work with biological flour without additives or stabilizers.

Naturally they create their own sourdough which is risen cold and slowly. This effects the taste greatly, but also makes the bread healthier and more nutritious. Moreover, during the baking process a lot of water is used. Most of the time other bakeries only add this at the beginning of the process. By adding all through the baking process the bread stays fresh for a longer period of time, which is hard to achieve otherwise.

Keuken vers brood

Pure taste and quality is what they treasure at Bakkerij MAMA. That is why they guarentee that their way of production fits accordingly: small-scale, sustainable, artisanal and whenever possible biological. That is the reason they fit perfectly with our kitchen. Biological and sustainable food is where we put our focus at Café-Restaurant de Pont.

Do you not feel like going to Zwanenburg to taste the delicious products of Bakkerij MAMA? Many of our lunch- and diner dishes use bread from Bakkerij MAMA. Come visit and taste the delicious traditional flavour!