Cheese from Bourgondisch Lifestyle

Their cheese is their pride. At Bourgondisch Lifestyle they work everyday to ensure that their cheese has the optimal flavour. In the last 10 years their range of products has expanded a lot. Whenever possible, these cheeses go directly from the farmer to Bourgondisch Lifestyle. At the moment all the cheeses go to the store in Beverwijk where everything is ripened, but soon they hope to have them ripen at Fort Zuidwijkermeer. This is an old supply fort thats property from the UNESCO world heritage. The ripening is done at a low temperature which allows for the unique style and flavour people expect from Bourgondisch Lifestyle.

Bourgodisch Lifestyle guides every step from the cheese-farmer untill the cheese has left the store and is in the hands of the customers. Because of this they can tell you everything about cheese, the flavour, the best ways to eat them, and the best ways to preserve them.

Bourgondisch lifestyle kaasplank

Bourgondisch lifestyle Kazen

People with a passion for pleasure and sociability find each other. That’s why it is no suprise that Bourgondisch Lifestyle has come into contact with a lot of horeca-businesses over the last 10 years. These companies realized that besides a lovely cheese platter, cheese should also be a part of the main dish.

Nowadays Bourgondisch lifestyle delivers their cheese-platters to around 200 restaurants all over the Netherlands. They try to offer the most delicious and new cheeses everyday, but ofcourse they will not forget the classics that everybody knows and loves. All the cheeses are delivered on a daily basis so their freshness and thus the best quality cheese is ensured. Come visit and taste their delicious cheeses!