Fish from Fishmonger Jan van As

Fishmonger Jan van As is a family company with a rich history. They have been supplying an extensive and high quality range of products consisting of fish and crustaceans to hospitality and retailers.

Their employees are craftman who recognise qualitative and fresh fish. They have heart for their business and the product it supplies. Every day they are the ones who guarantee the freshness and quality.

Jan van As makes sure to put the long-term priorities above the short-term ones. They want to assure that future generations can enjoy fresh fish, just like we can. Therefore they are strongly in favor of making production and consumption as sustainable as possible.

Jan van as vis
Jan van As Vis Cafe de pont

With that in mind they started Stichting Vis&Seizoen in 2005. With this they focus on making their internal processes as sustainable as possible. Think of recycling raw materials, separating their waste streams, and the use fo fair-trade products. Everything is done with sustainablity in mind.

That is why we have been getting our fish from Jan van As for a long time. They fit our vision of using sustainable and honest products perfectly. Among other things, our oysters, mussels, and lobsters have come from Jan van As for quite some years now.

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